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Mike Maloney (GoldSilver.com): Currency vs. Money

Hidden Secrets Of Money Goes To Egypt Where Money Began

Hidden Secrets Of Money is an educational yet almost entertaining tutorial on the origin of money, difference between currency and money and how you can protect yourself from the deception of Governments and the use of fiat currency.

Adults need to watch this incredibly well done production of videos, in “bite sized” pieces, available on YouTube courtesy of GoldSilver.com’s Mike Maloney. Mr. Maloney is in business, yes, but he began his business with his own mandate to educate people on how to protect themselves from those in Government and on Wall Street who will devour them at any and every opportunity.

But young people need to view this video series as well. In fact, I am paying my kids to watch it. The sooner a person understands how our financial system works, the difference between currency and money, and how to position themselves on the right side of the largest wealth transfer in our lifetimes the better he or she will be.

The Difference Between Currency and Money

Mike Maloney is a firm believer in educating people on currency, money and finance. Years ago he wrote a book that is still relevant today as a primer to understand the difference between currency and money, the dangers of fiat currency (currency backed by nothing, used by every government in the world today) and how to protect YOUR wealth from those who seek to separate you from it with this type of deception.

The book, Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future, puts information in one place that previously needed to be derived from many sources. It was just a starting point for what has become a mission, of sorts, to make this financial instruction not only available, but in a format most would be willing to spend their time with, and superbly produced so as to be as “entertaining” as possible since most of us these days get “bored” quickly.

Experts have determined that money must have 5 properties or qualities. And regarding the difference between currency and money, they share 4 of those basic properties. They are:

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Fungible (interchangeable)

Yet currency is NOT a Store of Value, the 5th property of money! This is a critical point that is thoroughly explained in Hidden Secrets Of Money.

Fiat Currency

Fiat currency is one that exists only by dictate, or “fiat” (an authoritative order or official decree), of a government and is not backed by anything. This is where you get the phrase that the Dollar is backed by the “full faith and credit of the United States Government”. All governments today use fiat currencies so most people are comfortable with them DESPITE:

  • All fiat currencies throughout history have eventually become worthless
  • The U.S. Dollar has lost over 90% of its purchasing power in the 100 years since the inception of the Federal Reserve (a PRIVATELY OWNED institution) which was initially tasked with PROTECTING our currency.

Real money, like Gold and Silver, ARE a store of value and thus fulfill all 5 attributes mentioned above. Fiat currency never has and never will.

Thus, Michael Maloney would prefer we use the term “currency” where appropriate so that we train our minds not to be confused, or continue to suffer the illusion and subsequent financial curse of fiat currencies.

Hidden Secrets Of Money Video Series

The exceptionally written and produced Hidden Secrets Of Money are available as separate episodes of varying length but approximately 30 minutes each. Superb graphics, animations and even filming in places like Egypt, Athens and Singapore help to simplify these secrets of money and keep one’s attention.

Watch these videos and then get your free investor kit at GoldSilver.com to continue your financial education, protect your wealth and learn how to position yourself on the right side of the most incredible wealth transfer of our lives.

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 – Currency vs Money

The first episode of Hidden Secrets Of Money lays the groundwork for the entire program, explaining how society needs and uses money and goes as far as to define money with the 5 properties listed above. It then seeks to explain the difference between currency and money, ending with a plea to differentiate the two in thought and speech.

All episodes are creatively and wisely interspersed with short snippets from financial giants, too many to list.

Richard Daughty Expounding On The Prospects Of The US Dollar Being The First Fiat Currency To Survive

Perhaps a highlight is the colorful Richard Daughty talking about all the fiat currencies (over 600 just beginning with the letter ‘A’ up to half the letter ‘B’) plunging to an ultimate value of ZERO.

Watch the videos available HERE

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 2 – Seven Stages Of Empire

Currency Debasement Explained In Episode 2 of Hidden Secrets Of Money

Learn, among other things, the seven stages of empire:

  1. A nation uses good money, Gold or Silver, or backing of such
  2. The nation develops and takes upon itself economic burdens
  3. Economic affluence leads to political influence and the nation begins to fund a massive military
  4. Eventually, the nation puts its military to use
  5. To fund war, the nation steals the wealth of its people by debasing currency or “printing in unlimited quantities”
  6. The inevitable loss of purchasing power of the currency is eventually noticed and finally, not tolerated
  7. There is a massive movement OUT of currency and INTO tangible assets including precious metals which ultimately leads to a collapse of the currency

Those individuals who are properly positioned when the nation gets to step 7 will be on the RIGHT side of a massive wealth transfer and become incredibly wealthy.

Note that we are currently beginning STAGE 6, and the only reason we are not seeing massive inflation YET is because of the deflationary forces still at work as the result of the worldwide financial crash & crisis that began about 6 years ago and is far from over. The wealthy people in this world are already transferring their wealth, how about you?

Watch the videos available HERE

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 3 – Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity

Episode 3 of the Hidden Secrets Of Money series gets into some real meat & potatoes. Okay, maybe it’s not QUITE as entertaining. What it does do, though, is take the talent of this 10th grade dropout – with dyslexia and a nack for explaining complicated things in simple terms – and show you how history repeats itself, why history repeats, and what will happen to prices of assets in terms of real money – Gold.

The benefit to the watcher is that you can find out how to position yourself and your finances to be a WINNER of the Dollar crisis instead of a loser like all the other people around unfortunately will become.

The Gold Exchange System Tied All Currencies To The US Dollar But Anchored By Gold

Yet, the past WAS different, and that’s why there will be a dramatic change on a scale not seen before when this crisis finally blows up.

In the words of James Rickards, for a while we will price an ounce of Gold in dollars and see that price go up. But after so much damage is inflicted on the dollar, that will become less and less meaningful and no one will care about the price of Gold in dollars anymore.

Three KEY instructions you MUST follow to survive and thrive through any crisis are:

  1. Remain Calm
  2. Get Educated (that’s what these videos are all about, thanks Mike Maloney!)
  3. Be Resourceful

Watch the videos available HERE

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 4 – The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

Want to know the biggest scam in the history of mankind that is still going on today and ROBBING YOU of your wealth?

Watch the 4th episode of the Hidden Secrets Of Money with Michael Maloney of GoldSilver.com. The incredible video talents of Mike’s team is really on display as they graphically demonstrate the con job that steals money from the American people and pads the pockets of a corrupt banking system and an un-Constitutional Federal Reserve.

I don’t know how you can print it, but they even have a poster sized diagram of just exactly how the scam runs. And the politicians? They use their cut to keep themselves in power and perks, so they are not going to do anything about it. The one Congressman who would is now retired, Ron Paul (R – TX). In fact you can see Ron Paul talk about this video at the end of it.

How The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind Works

While it is not exactly possible for most people to “go John Galt” and escape the system, there are ways you can protect yourself and even PROFIT when the whole system finally collapses which, in time, it most certainly will (like all others before it).

Watch the videos available HERE

Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 5 – When Money Is Corrupted

Learn how people originally traded before money was invented or currency was created, as Mike Maloney takes us through the Bundesbank’s museum of money in Frankfurt, Germany (though Mike often changes the bank’s word “money” to the more correct term “currency” – see Episode 1).

While this appears to be an incredible museum and well worth the visit, Mike points out the contradictions described in the banks own descriptions of money and its uses.

To start, there is even a statue of a cow, one of the ways people traded in ancient times. Mike explains how this worked and the problems that led to money creation. It all came down to a “coincidence of wants”. Bartering relies on people wanting what the other person has and vice versa, at the same time, at the same place. Money solved those problems.

hidden-secrets-of-money-coincidence of wants
The Fish Is Worth Less Than The Cow – How Do You Make Change?

The video, while much of it is regarding the displays in the museum, is nonetheless interspersed with the incredible graphics and illustrations that the Hidden Secrets Of Money is becoming known for. This series is an incredible teaching tool.

First Government Issued Fiat Currency

The museum has amazing examples of money and currency, including early paper currency from China, dating to 1375. The FIRST government issued fiat currency from the Tang Dynasty in China in then 7th Century.

Where does this end?

Playing On The Public’s Fear

In Weimar Germany, 1923, the only way out of the war debts was to inflate the currency and inflate they did. The German Mark fell in value 50% PER DAY!

They had Marks, then Million Mark notes, Billion Mark notes, and finally Trillion Mark notes before the final collapse. They printed so much worthless paper it actually led to a paper shortage.

Families’ savings were WIPED OUT! Everyone had to spend the currency on something of value as soon as they received it – bread or whatever.

In the case of Germany, and other nations throughout history, this corruption of money leads to the rise of a dictator – playing upon the public’s fear.

But after the war, the division of Germany and Berlin itself shows how a free economy can quickly heal versus a government controlled collectivism (ObamaCare, anyone?)

Learn how you can protect yourself and your family by watching the Hidden Secrets Of Money series.

Watch the videos available HERE

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