Friday, February 27, 2015

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You Can’t Rely on a Stockbroker

If you are like me, you have long ago found that you can’t rely on a stockbroker for investment picks to make YOU money so you do your own research and use an online stock broker.

But, how can you do all of your own research? Especially when it comes to Canadian junior resource stocks, for instance. There you need to be a geologist and put boots on the ground where the mining and exploration is really done.

So you have to rely on experts, and you find those experts via high quality investment newsletters. Sure, we would all like to get our stock tips for free online, but you usually get what you pay for. So paying a hundred or a thousand dollars a year – for the right research – can easily pay itself back in a couple of trades.

I especially like investment newsletters with free trials or money back guarantees. If you have one you like, please tell everyone about it. If there is one that has disappointed you, please share that knowledge also.

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