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New Buy And Hold Portfolio Added!


Earnings Per Share Growth On New Buy-And-Hold Pick

The bumps in Yield Shark seem to be smoothed out for the most part and they are learning what their subscribers want. It’s really weird, though, that SUCCESS has deemed it necessary to make an adjustment.

The Yield Shark team has learned that a great number of subscribers would like to be TRADING LESS and just be able to “Buy and Hold” more.

Surprisingly, this has come about because some of the Yield Shark portfolio stock picks have shot up in value so fast that they hit a price where a sell recommendation was in order!

So now the Yield Shark newsletter will start adding stocks to a new Buy And Hold portfolio that they believe are companies you can own for a long period of time and just pick the dividends with a little price appreciation along the way.

At left is the earnings per share growth for the first such addition.

What Stocks Have Gone Up That Fast?

Well, how about Sturm, Ruger for one? The only mistake they made on that was selling too soon. Unfortunately, I remember that stock at $12 per share after a quick runup from $8. Who wants to buy a stock already up 50%? Duh!

Ruger was flat most of the year in the $50 +/- range, but right after Yield Shark recommended it the stock started shooting up again for another 50% gain in just a couple of months! Naturally, I did not own it personally and the Yield Shark team advised selling after an 11% gain. Oh, well.

There have been many others, too, like Aircastle that booked close to a 50% gain in about 9 months time. They are one reason we picked up FLY recently.

3 Paths To Income Independence

Yield Shark Newsletter uses a 3 pronged approach to income investing stock picks:

  1. High Income
  2. International Income
  3. Best Of Both Worlds

Income investors certainly cannot live on sub-1% CD’s and we all would like capital appreciation along the way, that’s prong #1

John Mauldin thinks your best defense against a dollar devaluation is to invest in foreign dividend superstars. Fortunately, most YS picks in that category can be bought in most any American brokerage account.

The Best of Both Worlds is, well, just that. Growth while providing income to your portfolio. It can be specialty funds, ETFs, convertible securities or other special situations.


The Yield Shark Newsletter just keeps getting better and better, and listening to what subscribers want and need. If you are retired or otherwise an income investor then we suggest you take Yield Shark for a risk free test drive.

Learn more about Mauldin Economics Yield Shark Newsletter here

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