Without Borders Offers Special Report

This blog actually began when I subscribed to and became excited about a new newsletter from Casey Research titled Without Borders.

Watching our freedoms erode day by day here in the land of the free and home of the brave- despite a Republican administration and Congress, I thought it only made sense to be aware of the opportunities elsewhere on the globe.

Sir John Templeton, whom I had the privilege of meeting with privately in 2005 in the Bahamas near his home, made the move to become a global citizen and expatriate back in the ’60’s when the getting was good. It is estimated that Sir John’s net worth was increased by hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of that move and 40 years of compounded, tax free growth of his wealth.

Without Borders is unusual by any standard. It’s written by a hard-charging, constantly-traveling team of successful international entrepreneurs and former intelligence operatives.

Taking full advantage of their privileged connections, they scour the world for deeply undervalued companies squarely positioned in the path of progress.

Each month they present actionable, sound, international investment suggestions, and describe their experience in the most beautiful – and interesting – places to live and invest.

If you subscribe now, with a Risk Free Trial subscription, they’ll also send you a new special report, Five Crown Jewels of Global Living and Investing.

In case you haven’t seen Without Borders lately, please take a look here.

In these difficult times, some new overseas opportunities might be just what your portfolio needs.

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Casey Without Borders July Issue

The latest July issue of Without Borders was released just the other day.

This issue was no exception to the rule that Simon Black and Fitzroy McLean are dedicated to packing the issue with more intelligence data than you can safely absorb in one sitting.

“The Dispatch” this month takes us to Africa to a country with a lot of potential if for no other reason than it has nowhere to go but up. For an entrepreneurial type with an adventurous spirit it could be the source of inestimable fortune. And chances are you aren’t likely to find it or its potential on your own. But with Fitz & Simon to guide you (and maybe even grubstake you) it might be your opportunity of a lifetime. For the rest of us, it’s just darn fun to read about!

How about when reading isn’t enough? We want to know how to invest in somewhere with a lot of potential and not be the last ones in. That’s in this issue too, as always. They’ve done research that would likely take you weeks on your own and even told you where to go to buy in. That’s the kind of detail I like.

The issue is full of the normal departments like letters (and answers), the heiress of the month and specific investment idea updates. This month they tackle some macro investment and economic themes as well. The current credit crisis has ramifications and ripples throughout the world and there is no one better to report on those worldly ripples than a couple of world travelers. The insight covers analysis to prognostications.

So if you are looking for advice on out the way investment opportunities, guidance on where to stash some wealth outside the borders of your current country of residence or just enjoy being well informed, I urge you to check out Without Borders Newsletter from Casey Research.

Casey Without Borders – February Issue Now Out

February Issue is best yet

I’ve been reading the latest issue of Casey Without Borders, edited by Simon Black and Fitzroy McLean. Wow, what a great issue.

I can’t give away everything, but let me hit some highlights:

  • The same kind of labor problems prompting a city in California to be the first ever to file bankruptcy are driving business from one prominent European country to a more friendly locale to the east. And idiotic tax restructuring driving business from another to the south.
  • Get the lowdown on what the editors feel is probably the best country in the world to ride out a global crisis – and enjoy it immensely while you’re there.
  • Then one of my favorite sections, Actionable Intelligence. This month was a surprise for me as they cover a topic I learned about from Dennis Gartman. Hint: these things when dropped on your foot will hurt! Last months stock pick popped a nice 30% in just a week or two after the issue went out.
  • A special section covers “moving and storing physical wealth”. If you have wealth in that category, this is a must read.
  • And, Heir of the Month; always a fascinating read.

I have hit some of the highlights, but believe it or not there is even more.

Try a Risk Free Trial Subscription to Without Borders today!

Southern Hemisphere Summer Fun

Get in on the South American real estate while you can. Yahoo! travel today featured an article from ForbesTraveler.com that was highlighting all of the people escaping Winter in North America by going to South America for the summer there. And guess what country came up? Uruguay.

In fact, they mentioned that Punta del Este (less than an hour by plane from Buenos Aires) has been called the St. Tropez, the Hamptons and the Monte Carlo of South America.

But don’t just show up as a tourist during busy season unless you want to get fleeced. Sure, that’s when the super models from Argentina and Brazil are there, but unless you have their kind of money you will want the inside scoop on what, where, when and how much to pay.

You get that kind of advice on international travel and real estate from the experts at Casey Research.

Specifically, I’m referring to their newest publication Without Borders. You get the info you need from a couple of former CIA intelligence gathering experts, and these guys know their stuff.

Take advantage of the risk free offer on Without Borders today.

Is David Walker, Controller of the United States, Telling you to look abroad?

David Walker Comptroller of the United States
David Walker, Controller General of the United States, has been barnstorming the country, appearing on every TV show that will have him, and telling people, in no uncertain terms, exactly what is happening.

This man is America’s CFO and he places the blame right where it belongs: “The U.S. Government is on a burning platform of unsustainable policies and practices,” he says.

The U.S. either takes drastic action now or we face “dramatic tax rises, slashed government services and the long-scale dumping by foreign governments of holdings of U.S. debt.”

Walker notes the “striking similarities” between America today and Rome as it collapsed, including “declining moral values and political civility at home, an over-confident and over-extended military in foreign lands and fiscal irresponsibility by the central government.”

We’re “on a path toward an explosion of debt, with the looming retirement of the baby boomers, spiraling healthcare costs, plummeting savings rates and increasing reliance on foreign lenders, [and] we face unprecedented fiscal risk.”

When a man in this position, with nothing to personally gain by saying so, has such dramatic words for us, shouldn’t we listen?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an out when those drastic measures happen, just in case? I would like knowing that I have another place to head to where the weather is nice and the politics and people are calm and relaxed.

Such a place can be found by reading Casey’s Without Borders.

And if you don’t have the investment nest egg to accomplish such a goal, then now is the time to be following the advice of the International Speculator or perhaps the more conservative Big Gold.

I subscribe to both of these publications and I will forever be glad I do.

John Darwin, Missing Canoe Man from England, Likes Panama

John Darwin, the man from England said to have died in a canoing accident five years ago in the North Sea, has turned up alive; and it appears he was enjoying life in Panama in the interim.

Apparently John is aware of the excitement going on in Panama, as is the company Move To Panama which apparently helped him get settled. Panama holds great promise due to its prominence in world trade, particularly in receiving Asian (Chinese) goods and getting them to the United States.

Of course, Casey’s Without Borders readers know what’s going on in Panama too. Fitzroy McLean and Simon Black have done a detailed report on both living and investing in Panama in a previous issue of Without Borders.

Join the fun and see what you have been missing!

Can You Afford Early Retirement?

I saw this article on Yahoo! today about people retiring young so I had to read it.

Most of these people really didn’t have that much money; mostly less than US$500,000 or so. So how can they retire in their 30’s or 40’s?

Easy, if you keep your spending down. Easier said than done, right?

Well some of these early retirement folks were living on the cheap here in the United States, but others chose international living because they knew the cost of living in other, sometimes more beautiful locales, was much less than here in the states.

But how do you find where these other, international living, locations are? They need to be friendly to the gringo who may not speak Spanish, Thai, or whatever.

The answer is to subscribe to Casey’s Without Borders.

This terrific newsletter describes other locations where you might want a 2nd home, or even your primary home. But more than that, you learn what you need to actually do it!

Whether it’s investing abroad or living abroad, you want the information you’ll only find in Casey’s Without Borders