Market Update – Clear Signal In Midst Of Storm

How many of you are sick and tired of investment newsletters or even the media spouting off for pages or minutes their current stock market update yet when they are all done you still have no idea what to do?

How many of you are sick and tired of spending money on investment advice and being told, month after month:

  • Keep your powder dry (while stocks you have been watching quadrupled)
  • You need to look at the big picture
  • Nobody knows what to do in this environment
  • I think we need to stay the course


How about those who told you to keep your powder dry suddenly bragging about one stock they told you to buy (as you were keeping your powder dry) that actually did go up?

Peter Grandich, whose record is not perfect, and will warn you time and again not to play the roulette wheel of Wall Street with money you cannot afford to lose (or if you do, don’t whine to the rest of us when you lose it) has issued another stock market update on his incredibly expensive, members only blog.


Peter’s blog is FREE, and you don’t even have to register to get his current market opinion and an update on the key stocks in his market portfolio.

He has just issued another stock market update and model portfolio update. He holds nothing back, doesn’t hedge himself from top to bottom, he tells you want you want to know about the stock market – as he sees it. This is about the clearest advice you will get from anyone in this business. He does not pretend to know everything (like many other gurus you probably follow), just lets you in on what he is thinking – and he puts his own money where his mouth is.

(It might surprise you if you got to take a look at your own stock brokers brokerage account, take it from someone who has seen a lot of brokers’ own accounts.)

He updates some of the companies I have talked about here, like Crosshair Exploration (CXX), Evolving Gold (EVG), Formation Metals (FCO – formerly Formation Capital), Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) – and many others.

DO NOT overlook Peter’s own words about what money to SPECULATE with (it’s not investing). Doug Casey says the same thing about many of these types of stocks (they’re burning matches, get out before they go out); it’s easy to get excited about many of these companies but speculate prudently.

Is it time to sell in May and go away? Find out now.

Take a look at Peter Grandich’s Market Update here.

Formation Capial Nearing Mine Construction

Here’s a green play you probably haven’t heard of: cobalt. Formation Capital has completed a Mine Plan of Operations and submitted it to the United States Department of Agriculture Salmon Challis National Forest as per requirements previously set forth. They are on track to begin mine construction this fall.

Who cares about cobalt, you might ask.

Once in production, Formation’s Idaho Cobalt Project will provide the United States with high purity super alloy grade cobalt metal required for critical applications such as the construction of jet airplane engines, land based turbines, catalysts for gas to liquid technology, and batteries used in hybrid and electric cars.

Further questions?

So far this stock has held up well in a summer that has been a bloodbath for most Canadian juniors. Currently trading at just over half a buck, that buck is worth more this morning with an idiotic U.S. dollar rally underway.

Formation Capital trades on the Toronto exchange under the symbol FCO.

Formation Capital – Cobalt Project Moving Forward

Formation Capital (T.FCO) is regaining share price as the Biological Opinions needed for the EPA to issue their record of decision is completed and in the hands of the EPA to finish up.

Formation Capital’s share price had suffered with mining companies of every flavor especially since March of this year. Formation is rather unique in that Cobalt as a resource is not even close to anyone’s radar screen despite huge price appreciation for the commodity over the last several years. Now FCO has recovered to the C$0.70 range as of today’s market close.

Formation Capital was brought to my attention thanks to the recommendation of Peter Grandich of The Grandich Letter.