Highlights of the Casey Research Energy & Special Situations Summit in Denver

This past weekend Casey Research held their Energy & Special Situations Summit in Denver. If you were not able to attend, I understand tapes will be for sale sometime soon.

Here is a brief recap of the conference:

  • Gold is money and it is going higher, so it is also a good investment. But the upside in energy is every bit as compelling and maybe even more so.
  • Oil is headed to $200 a barrel over the next three to five years.
  • New technology and discoveries have extended U.S. natural gas reserves by at least 100 years.
  • The massive reserves in Canadian oil sands are going to become only more important as time goes by
  • Only a handful of green energy technologies are economic at this point, but government subsidies and the world’s need for all the energy sources that can be mustered still make them compelling investments.
  • Coal is a very interesting sector and should be understood.
  • The story of emerging market population and consumption growth is compelling.
  • The rare earth, lithium, and potash markets – all of which were addressed during the summit as special situations – are very, very interesting.

The economy is not good, the world over (Asia is probably less bad). Yet oil will be in play again, regardless.

With all of these immense opportunities, it will be like navigating a mine field. If you are an expert, I suggest you start your own investment newsletter.

If not, I suggest you do NOT invest without the help of people who are experts and have a solid track record of picking winners and avoiding (or shorting) losers.

When it comes to energy, take a look at Casey’s Energy Opportunities. I am a subscriber and I think you owe it to yourself to take a risk free trial of it.