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┬áDennis Miller of Miller’s Money Forever was gracious enough to grant us an interview about his upcoming webinar “America’s Broken Promise: Strategies For A Retirement Worth Living” – September 5th, 2013 at 2pm Eastern Time.

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We have that interview in a couple of formats below.

In the interview Dennis discusses how he came to be a financial newsletter writer when his banks pulled the rug out of his retirement by calling in his high yielding CDs and the process he now uses to manage his retirement finances so they last as long as he and his wife do!

Most people are going to be shocked when they find out that their pension has been cut or is completely gone or that the money they planned on living their retirement on is just plain not enough.

Learn what you can do NOW to make it so that your retirement is as good as it can possibly be from a financial perspective.

Powerful Lineup Of Webinar Speakers

During the webinar you will hear Dennis and his guests of big names in the finance space.

David Walker – Former Comptroller General of the United States have been trying to warn Americans of the fiscal problems for a long time. He is a favorite on the conservative speaking circuit and respected by all.

John Stossel – This guy was my absolute favorite reporter from 20/20 and his subsequent spinoffs, now on Fox. John doesn’t pull punches on the tough questions. His new book that Dennis referenced in the interview is No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed.

Jeff White – President and CEO of American Financial Group is expert on finding the best financial planner.

David Galland – Managing Director of Casey Research, prolific writer on economic and investment topics.

Interview With Dennis Miller

Video Format


Audio Format

America’s Broken Promises: Dennis Miller Interviewed By (MP3)

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