Day Trade Profit With 100 Trade Jack

amrn-candlestick-chart-to-initiate-day-trade-buySometimes with 100 Trade Jack we will take down a slightly riskier trade like we did yesterday with AMRN.

(What I am describing here is all outlined in the video recap from yesterday available to subscribers.)

As you can see by the candlestick chart to the left, AMRN had just one little doji followed by a somewhat confirming candle the following day (this is a daily chart).

Below you can see that volume was way above average.

Nonetheless, this was a more risky trade and Jack indicated that conservative investors/traders not follow this trade.

I did.

We made the trade within minutes of market close yesterday, as is usual, and Jack’s plan (there is ALWAYS a plan) was to evaluate this morning.

If AMRN was showing a loss in early morning trading, he may well have sold and sent out an email alert.

If AMRN was showing a profit early, his goal was to set a stop loss that would lock in at least a small profit on the trade and AVOID LOSING MONEY.

Around 9am AMRN, which had been trading higher since the open even with a slightly down market, spiked upward. Since this spikes do not always last past the firs 30 – 60 minutes of trading, I chose to sell my stake in AMRN for a gain of almost 7%.

Normally, I do exactly as 100 Trade Jack does, but a situation had developed such that I needed to leave for the day and would not be able to follow and email alerts or the normal afternoon trading time frame with Jack’s stock trading service.

This is not what you should always expect from 100 Trade Jack; in “normal” markets Jack will hold a stock for weeks or even months at a time, staying with the trend.

100 Trade Jack is a subscription stock trading service. It only costs $68 per month and comes with a 60 day guarantee. Read our full 100 Trade Jack Review if you like.

Try 100 Trade Jack and start watching the training videos right away. (Learning is optional, you can simply do as Jack says if you wish.)




(Note: This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities; past performance of 100 Trade Jack is not necessarily indicative of future results; Do your own due diligence before investing; YES, I did this with my own money)

P.S. – As I finish this post, AMRN is up another 2%!