Code Red: How to Protect Your Savings from the Coming Crisis

John Mauldin’s Followup To Endgame

Code Red: How To Protect Your Savings From The Coming Crisis

John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper have just released their latest book together, Code Red: How To Protect Your Savings From The Coming Crisis.

Their previous book, Endgame, is highly acclaimed, wildly popular and still relevant as it describes how this financial mess is going to turn out.

Code Red goes a step farther and explains what you need to do NOW to protect your wealth and savings from the fallout of this ongoing global financial crisis (no, it is not over yet).

Central Banks have distorted almost every market that exists to the point that there is no such things as markets anymore, only interventions.

Good money is being chased into riskier and riskier investments in search of yield, often with no way to even properly evaluate the risk – if an investor even attempts to do so.

Code Red not only describes what is going on, and the “good” intentions behind it, but outlines what you can do to protect yourself when the house of cards collapses, as all such schemes do in time.

Code Red Book 30 Free Page Preview

Want to know more about the Code Red book before you decide to buy? Mauldin Economics has posted a 30 page preview that you can check out for free.

In addition, there is a link to buy the book at the lowest price available.

Check out the 30 page Code Red preview here

Code Red Book Trailer

Here is a short private video on YouTube that John has allowed us to embed on our site to help you get a flavor of what the Code Red book is about.

Short and to the point, the way (most) YouTube videos should be, right?

Want another short video?

There is a video of an interview between John Mauldin and co-author Jonathan Tepper at the official website link below.

Learn more about this must read book at the official Code Red book website – Click Here