Casey Report June 2013 – This New Stock Pick Grabbed My Attention

Buy Agriculture – Jim Rogers, Doug Casey

Buy Agriculture? Find Out How

The June 2013 Casey Report included some great actionable advice like always but the “featured” stock pick this month really resonated with me and I logged into some Schwab online brokerage accounts immediately and placed some limit orders for the open this morning to buy agriculture!

Jim Rogers has been all over CNBC and every other money honey channel for several years telling these semi-hotties that they should get out of newscasting and become a farmer.

Then he says that what he has been investing in is agriculture but he NEVER tells the average investor how he or she can follow his long term trade and invest in agriculture for the mega trend he sees.

Doug Casey has been saying something similar for years and revealed that he was buying land and cattle in South America, something very few of us are in a position to follow him on.

A Stock Pick To “Buy Agriculture”

So when I saw that the Casey Report was recommending an agriculture stock, available on the major US exchanges (not some pink sheet piece of garbage), and read the extensive description of exactly what we were buying and why – I was all over it.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what the actual pick is, but you can get that easily enough yourself with a no risk trial subscription to the Casey Report.

The thing about the Casey Report is that they have a more macro approach on investing, not niche specific like many of their other newsletters or what you might be having shoved down your throat by Agora or another major publisher.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the resource sector and other laser specific areas of investing, but it can be rather bloody if you are over concentrated when that niche goes out of favor or suffers a major correction like the dividend plays and REITs just recently did.

Can You Just Buy An ETF?

Well there is an ETF, PowerShares Agriculture (DBA) that you could buy. I don’t think it’s been around as long as Jim Rogers has been recommending agriculture and if you look at the following chart of DBA – from Yahoo! Finance – you can see how poor of an investment it has been:

DBA – Not The Best Buy For The Past Few Years

How Many Of Us Can Buy Land?

OK, another little tid-bit.

This latest stock pick from the Casey Report actually holds a lot of farm LAND. Yeah, how many of us can buy good productive farm land – at a reasonable price – on our own?

Well, you can with this latest recommendation from the June 2013 Casey Report.

So in addition to “buying agriculture” and following both Doug Casey and Jim Rogers you are actually following a little Mark Twain as well – buy land, they don’t make any more of it. But what I can tell you from experience is that you want to make sure your land is PRODUCTIVE unless you KNOW that there is a new interstate building an interchange right there.

So get into agriculture, meat production via raising cattle, and some grain production with ownership of productive farm land and below market prices with this particular investment recommendation. Is it without risk? None is, buy your trial subscription to The Casey Report is risk free.

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