100 Trade Jack Making A CALL

No We Aren’t Talking About Stock Options!

CALL Is The Stock Symbol For MajicJack

The 100 Trade Jack video review for the January 7th, 2013 trading day was quite instructive not only for how to make money swing trading in the stock market but also for the type of service that 100 Trade Jack is.

Now, 100 Trade Jack does offer a free 5 day guest pass which is a fantastic no obligation way to see if you want to subscribe to the service; but knowing the philosophy behind the day trader making the trades is invaluable as you make your decision to stay.

“CALL” is the stock symbol for MajicJack VocalTec, the maker of the MajicJack VOIP phone device.

100 Trade Jack Philosophy Revealed

CALL was used in the daily training/summary video as instruction for entry points on buying a stock AND instruction on what to do when a stock you buy for all the right reasons goes down a couple of percent after you buy it.

Here is where the trader’s philosophy comes into play.

Jack seems to think that MajicJack is a well run company with great fundamentals, but he makes it clear that he is NOT Warren Buffet and he is not – like Warren – comfortable if a stock goes down 50% after he buys it! That is an investor which is a whole different philosophy than a swing trader who MUST cut losses.

With CALL, there was not an “ideal” entry point for the stock to take advantage of, and with the video Jack showed some other charts that did provide a more ideal entry point.

What he also described, though, was the technical price action that makes him comfortable with CALL even though it is down a bit and why he expects it to turn out well.

Incidentally, CALL is up nicely this morning and still looking good.

100 Trade Jack is a swing trading service that is based solely on technical factors; but a knowledge of what is going on in the market can help one understand price action.

For instance, one of the stocks Jack has been watching and thought the chart looked good was a shipping company. After the 1st of this year, the stock jumped. Was this a “technical” issue? No. Quite simply, the shipping industry went from being an investment pariah to a new “darling”, simply because of a change in economic sentiment.

So what you are looking for is a swing trader guide who will operate on a consistent, even keel – to strike a pun on our “shipping” discussion.

100 Trade Jack is just that. (Read our full 100 Trade Jack Review here)

He is a reliable technical trader that will operate consistently based on what he knows works most of the time. And when it doesn’t work – we take our small loss an move on. If things change, he changes, and he may buy back a stock at a higher price than what he just sold it at days before.

In today’s video he actually showed chart examples of where that very behavior worked out quite well.

So if you are looking for a stock trading service that will perform consistently and teach you the ropes as you trade along with him, then take a look at 100 Trade Jack.

As mentioned above, there is generously offered both a free 5 day guest pass AND a full 60 day money back guarantee if you do decide to subscribe and decide for whatever reason that it’s not for you.

Learn more about 100 Trade Jack and get your free guest pass

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